Anders Utrecht

About us

With Anders Utrecht, we build a forum for future collaboration. To this end, we host an online platform which facilitates three main action points:

  1. Mapping initiatives

Our Anders Utrecht map collects information on existing initiatives in the Utrecht region and makes this available for public and institutional use. This increases the visibility of local organisations to the larger community. In addition, it provides an opportunity for establishing connections, revealing linkages and uncovering complementarities between initiatives. The resulting network can facilitate mutually beneficial collaborations, including the sharing of resources and best practices.

  1. Developing podcasts

Since March 2021, Anders Utrecht has been developing podcasts in collaboration with local organisations. These podcasts are a tool to give voice, share experiences and develop a collective vision. They cover themes such as social inclusion, culture, food and art, with more episodes in the making. By sharing the stories of local initiatives, we aim to bring solutions to the public attention, demonstrate how organisations realise their visions for change and generate resources for collective social transformation.

  1. Facilitating long-term collaboration

Anders Utrecht is the first step in building a robust network of community initiatives, academics and policymakers united around the common goal of sharing best practices and developing innovative ways to deal with societal challenges. As part of this strategy, we organise workshops and thematic meetings. In addition, we help network members with practice oriented research. This way, we can further facilitate the active co-production of knowledge.

Let’s Join Forces

Anders Utrecht works at building productive and transformative relations between the community and the university in the Utrecht region. For more information on the network, leave a message using the form below.