Anders Utrecht

Who are we?

We are a group of scholars from Utrecht University, interested in studying ecologically sustainable and socially just ways of organising our economy and society. We believe that current challenges – such as socioeconomic inequality, climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic – beg for novel forms of engagement between the university and the communities who deal with these issues on the ground.

For this purpose, we aim to unite the strengths of theory and practice and create social impact by conducting research, teaching, and engaging with societal challenges in and outside of the university. Our aspiration is to build a collective which shares a common view of the future and facilitates a transition towards a sustainable and socially just society.

Anders Utrecht

Founded in November 2020, Anders Utrecht is a project that aims to develop a network to enable and strengthen collaboration among initiatives working towards sustainability and social change in the Utrecht region. At Anders Utrecht, we believe in the transformative potential of urban initiatives. From formal associations and social enterprises to citizen movements and neighbourhood initiatives, each has a role to play in realising a socially just and sustainable society.

Our aim is to create connections between community-based initiatives, grassroots organisations and academics to identify opportunities for collaboration and stimulate the co-production of knowledge on societal transitions.

So far, 15 local organisations have joined our network. Together, we join forces to strengthen efforts that address a multitude of urban challenges and pursue shared visions of a just, ecological and sustainable society.  Our collaborative activities include the producing podcasts, conducting research and organising workshops. Read more about our main action points here