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Repair Café Utrecht

There are eleven independent Repair Cafés in different neighborhoods in Utrecht. Repair Café Oost (East Utrecht) was the first Repair Café in Utrecht, and they maintain the collective website. They can also get you into contact with other “RC’s”. The idea behind organising the Repair Cafés is that while the action of repairing helps the environment, it also helps safe money. Repairing creates less waste and less reasons to buy something new. At Repair Cafés (electrical) household devices and other electronics are repaired, as well as utensils, furniture, textile, bikes, toys and knifes and scissors can be sharpened: everything that can you can move to the Repair Café can get (attempted to be) fixed. Another goal is to get people familiar with the act of repairing again, and share knowledge and skills to do so. And at last raise the issue of non-repairability in politics and manufacturers

Name Organisation
Repair Café Utrecht
Mecklenburglaan 3-5, 3581 NV Utrecht (Repair Café Oost)
11 different places in the city
Contact | 06-1677 5696