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VOKO Utrecht

VOKO stands for “Voedsel-kollektief”: food collective. This means all members are owners of VOKO and have an equal say. All members are volunteers as well: this way everybody contributes to the process, and the costs remain low. This way fresh, environmentally friendly and locally produced food is available for everybody in Utrecht. This green community exists since 2014 and has over a hundred active members (and this way, volunteers as well). The distribution point is Café Averechts and all farmers whom with VOKO works are located within 35 kilometers from a central point in Utrecht: the Neude.

VOKO contributed to our podcast series. Listen to the episode here and learn more about their vision on alternative food systems and the role of food in sustainability transitions.

Name Organisation
VOKO Utrecht
Lijsterstraat 49, 3514 TB Utrecht (distribution point)