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Utrecht Natuurlijk

The foundation Utrecht Natuurlijk has 11 locations spread across the city of Utrecht: 5 city farms with playgrounds and 6 city gardens. These places make the importance of a green and healthy city visible, help spread knowledge about animals and nature, the importance of biodiversity, sustainable food production and a climate adaptive city. Utrecht Natuurlijk brings nature to the city and makes it greener, healthier and more sustainable for all the citizens of Utrecht. At last, they organise all kinds of activities, events and educational classes, either at their locations or somewhere else in the city. They collaborate broadly: with citizens, private and public organisations, volunteers and the municipality of Utrecht.

Name Organisation
Utrecht Natuurlijk
Castellum Hoge Woerd, Hoge Woerdplein 1, 3454 PB Utrecht
11 locations in the city
Contact | 030 753 38 00