Anders Utrecht


Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills / The Outsiders

The Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills is a travelling, participatory museum that listens to the history, (im)material heritage, and present-day inhabitants – human and non-human – of Leidsche Rijn to develop skills and stories for fair and sustainable world-building. In 2018 Leidsche Rijn based artist collective The Outsiders and Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons joined forces with neighbors, artists and communities to inhabit and animate one of the few remnants of Leidsche Rijn’s past: the Terwijde Farmhouse. From seeding to harvest time, several activities unfolded to think about the past of Leidsche Rijn as farmland and its future as Utrecht’s newest neighborhood, all through the lense of food, ecology and heritage. Since 2019, when the farmhouse was sold to a developer, the Travelling Farm Museum is on the move in the neighborhood of Leidsche Rijn, inviting everyone to public gatherings, workshops and tours through Leidsche Rijn to collect skills and stories rooted in the land, its agricultural past and presence as a suburb and to write new stories for the area.

Hof van Bern 33
Leidsche Rijn