Anders Utrecht


Workshop: Strategies for change

How do we envision change and impact? How can we use prefigurative politics in our daily organisational practices? What is your organization’s contribution to social ecological transformation and your place within a collective strategy? How can we build coalitions with each other?

On May 24th, we organized a workshop and discussion to ponder about these questions together. The event was attended by UU students and scholars, activists, network members and local organizers, with many of us taking multiple roles, and hosted in the wonderful spaces of network member Centrum Emma.

After some theoretical input in which Ozan Alakavuklar (UU School of Governance) introduced us to theories of social change and Giuseppe Feola (UU Copernicus Institute) and Anya Al-Salem (UU Copernicus Institute) shared their research insights on coalition-building, we spent the remaining time discussing our practical experiences in working towards transformation and our groups’ strategies.

In an intimate setting we facilitated an exchange of experiences, practices and ideas to learn from each other and to share our skills, tips and best practices. With such an exchange we aim to foster the conversation about inter-organisational strategies and create a pathway for a transformational agenda for Utrecht together.

The workshop was concluded with some networking drinks where participants could get to know each other and exchange contacts. Become an Anders Utrecht member or subscribe to our mailinglist below to receive regular updates or join the next workshop.