Anders Utrecht


New phase for Anders Utrecht – Collaboration between master’s students and network members

After two years of mapping out initiatives working for socio-ecological transformation in Utrecht, developing a 7-part podcast series featuring many of the inspiring organizers, and creating long-term collaboration with member organisations, Anders Utrecht has exciting news. This academic year, the network is entering a new phase, bringing students and member organisations together.

Students from the new master’s programme Organising Social Impact are collaborating closely with some of the 15 Anders Utrecht network members, bridging theory and practice in exciting and innovative ways.

Engaging in practice-based research, the master’s students are not only collecting data but actively contributing to the activities of the organisations. By spending time in the organisations and supporting their work, students draw on existing local knowledge and gain experiences in creating meaningful social impact.

Through their research, students contribute to enhancing practices for thriving organisations, working towards socio-ecological transformation.

In the coming period we focus on maintaining close relationships with member and partner organisations by learning and working together in research and workshops.

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